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Priority in selection of treatment methods used for lymphatic malformations affecting maxillofacial region

Qais H. Mussa

College of Dentistry, University of Karbala



Objectives: The purpose of this paper was to discuss and evaluate the treatment plan selection and the outcomes of 82 cases of lymphatic malformation in oral & maxillofacial region.

Materials & methods:
The analysis included of 82 cases of lymphatic malformation in oral & maxillofacial region during the period between January 2004 to November 2013 at maxillofacial department in Al-Hilla General Teaching Hospital. The treatment plans selection depend on details patient history, clinical examination & imaging investigations. Different  techniques were used depended on age, extension, site & types of lymphatic malformation. The treatment methods were conservative treatment, surgery, use of sclerosing agents or combinations of them.

Total number of the patients were 82 complains from different types lymphatic malformation, 30 were males constituting 36.5% while 52 were females constituting 63.5% . The youngest patient was 5 days, while the oldest one was 45 years. Forty case treated by sclerotherapy and surgery (48.7%) . Surgery alone as primary treatment done for 27 patients (32.9%) other 10 cases treated by sclerotherapy alone   ( 12.1%) & 5 cases ( 6% )  only needs observation.

Careful treatment plan selection depends on age, extension, type of lesion & experience of surgeon associated with good prognosis. Conservative resection was the most effective method in treatment of lymphatic malformation.

Keywords: Vascular malformation, lymphangioma, sclerosing agent.


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