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Prevalence of orofacial changes in patients with β-thalassemia major in Karbala City, Iraq

Muhanned Salah Abulsattar* & Ali Mihsen Al-Yassiri**

*College of Dentistry, University of Karbala

**College of Dentistry, University of Babylon


Objectives: The aim of this study was to investigate findings of oral abnormalities or changes in these patients, and compare it to healthy control subjects.

Materials and Methods:
Patients were selected from Thalassemia Center of Pediatric of Al Hussaini Teaching Hospital in Holy-Karbala during the period from March to September 2013. Forty (40) subjects were incorporated in this study. All these patients with age range (4-15) years, (22 males, and 18 females). All these patients were without any other systemic diseases. 

The prevalence of orofacial complications in β-thalassemia major patients was: prominent maxilla (85%), bad oder (80%), oral ulcers (50%), angular stomatitis (40%), candidal infection (35%), changes in oral mucosa (30%), xerostomia (15%), and the last one was enlargements of salivary glands (zero).

Knowing the prevalence of complication can help the dentists to do properly for these patients to solve their problems and improve knowledge of the parents about their children's dental health.

Keywords: Orofacial changes , major β-thalassemia, prominent maxilla.


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