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Modified Flap Design for Lower Third Molar Surgery: A Short Patient-based Outcome Comparative Study

*Faaiz Y. Alhamdani, **Athil A.Raheem & **Basma Kamal

*College of Dentistry, Al- Mustansiriay University, Baghdad- Iraq.

**Alkaramah Secondary Dental Care Centre,Baghdad- Iraq.



Objectives: to compare the influence of a newly suggest modified flap design on pain and swelling with the traditional two sided flap.

Materials and Methods:
Patients were divided into two groups: conventional approach (control) group (n=42) and modified approach (experimental) group (n=41). Pain and swelling were evaluated for the first three postoperative days using 10 cm visual analogue scales. Presence of dry socket was documented in the 7th postoperative day.

There was statistically significant difference on the third  postoperative day (p <0.05) in the mean pain score between the two surgical groups. The mean score of swelling in conventional group
was slightly higher than the modified approach (p<0.05) in the first and the third post operative days. The incidence of dry socket in the modified approach was significantly less than conventional approach group (p <0.001).

The modified flap design has a relative advantage over the conventional two sided buccal approach in terms of postoperative pain, swelling and dry socket incidence.

Keywords: modified approach, lower third molar surgery, pain, swelling, dry socket.


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