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Efficacy of Curcumin Mouth Wash on Gingival Inflammation in Patients with Chronic Gingivitis

Chenar A. Mohammad*
*Periodontics Department, College of Dentistry, Hawler Medical University, Erbil, Iraq
Submitted: September 8, 2021, Accepted: December 24, 2021, Published: June 1, 2022.


Objective: For gingival disease, various modalities of treatment are available. Turmeric is a novel product obtained from plants that plays a vital role in treating gingival and periodontal diseases. This study aims to evaluate the anti-plaque and anti-inflammatory property effects of curcumin mouthwash (0.1%) on participants with plaque-induced gingivitis.  

MethodsFrom eighty subjects, sixty participants with generalized gingivitis received meticulous scaling and polishing (S&P) and were divided randomly into 3 groups: Curcumin (CU), Chlorhexidine (CHX), and control (S&P) groups. Clinical parameters: PI, GI, BOP, and salivary IL-1β were assessed at baseline and after 4 weeks of therapy. The rest of the twenty patients with clinically healthy gingiva.      

Results The results showed a significant reduction in the mean values of PI, GI, BOP, and Il-1β levels after 4 weeks of therapy as compared to baseline in all 3 groups (p≤0.05), with the highest mean reduction of GI, BOP, and IL-1 β scores detected in the CU when compared to the CHX and S&P groups, and the highest mean reduction of PI scores detected in the CHX group in comparison to the CU and S&P groups (p≤0.05), with significant differences, existed between the 3 groups (p≤0.05).  

ConclusionsCU was more effective than CHX when anti-inflammatory property effects were considered, while CHX was more effective than CU when anti-plaque property effects were considered. Therefore, CU mouthwash can be considered an effective alternative antigingivitis agent to CHX due to its anti-plaque and anti-inflammatory property effects.                                                                                     

Keywords:  Chlorhexidine, Curcumin, Gingivitis, IL-1 β, Mouthwash.         

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