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Assessment of Clinical Attachment Level in Anxious Patients
Azhin K. Khwakaram* , Harem Jaafar Hama Rashed*
*Periodontics Department, College of Dentistry, University of Sulaimani, Sulaimani, Iraq.
Submitted: April 3, 2022, Accepted: May 27, 2022, Published: June 1, 2022.


Objective: This study aimed to assess the clinical attachment level in anxious patients with periodontitis using the Hamilton Anxiety Scale Rate.  

MethodsThe study was conducted at the University of Sulaimani, and Shorsh Dental Center teaching hospital; 100 individuals (50 males and 50 females) were included in the study ranging from (30- 65) years old. The individuals' anxiety level was evaluated using Hamilton Anxiety Scale Rate (HAM-A), and the WHO probe measured the clinical attachment level (CAL). The collected data were analyzed using the Chi square test and Spearman correlation, and p≤0.05 was significant.      

ResultsAmong 100 individuals that participated in the study,38% had mild anxiety, and the remaining (21,12,18 and 11) % had moderate, severe, very severe, and no anxiety, respectively. In these groups, the majority of participants had stage II periodontitis, followed by stage I, none periodontitis, stage III, and stage IV periodontitis, respectively. There’s no significant difference in CAL between genders (P=0.81). But there were significant differences in anxiety between genders (P=0.028), and there was no significant association between anxiety and CAL (P= 0.803).  

ConclusionsIn the present study, the severity of anxiety was stronger in males than in females. Anxiety didn't cause CAL.                                                                                     

Keywords:  Periodontist, Clinical attachment level, Anxiety, Hamilton anxiety rate scale.                       

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