Evaluation of Developmental Dental Anomalies in an Adult Dentate Iraqi Sub-Population of Sulaimani City by Using Panoramic Radiographs


  • Rukhosh H. Abdalrahim Oral Diagnosis Department, College of Dentistry, University of Sulaimani, Kurdistan Region, Iraq. Author




Developmental Anomalies, OPG, Kurdish population, Sulaimani City


Objective: The present study attempts to evaluate the prevalence of developmental dental anomalies in patients aged 18 years and over by using panoramic radiographs among the Kurdish subpopulation in Sulaimani city.

Methods: Seven hundred and ninety-four OPGs between 2010 and 2022 were evaluated retrospectively in this study. Using panoramic
radiography to evaluate the frequency of dental anomalies in shape, structure, number, and size.

Results: The prevalence of dental anomalies diagnosed by panoramic radiographs was 26.6% among the sample. Anomalies of shape
were the most common abnormalities, followed by number, size, and structure. The most common anomaly seen in this study was
dilaceration (18.52%), followed by hypodontia and microdontia (both 16.67%), taurodontism, and macrodontia (16.05.%). Less
frequent sub-types were amelogenesis imperfecta, peg-shaped lateral incisors and ghost teeth, accounting for 0.62%.

Conclusions: Tooth shape anomalies were the most prevalent forms of developmental dental defects among the Kurdish subpopulation in Sulaimani city. Dilaceration, hypodontia, microdontia and taurodontism were the most prevalent categories of
abnormalities. The study confirmed that racial variables play a role in the incidence of dental anomalies. In addition, digital panoramic
radiography is a beneficial method for the detection of dental abnormalities. Importantly, patient management and the treatment design are dependent on an early diagnosis.


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