Editorial Policy

Scope of the Journal

Sulaimani Dental Journal encourages submissions from authors all around the world. Manuscripts are assessed by two experts solely on the basis of their contribution to original data and ideas and their presentation. All manuscripts must comply with Instruction to Authors. The following manuscript types will be considered for publication:

Original articles, systematic reviews, case reports/ case series, editorials, brief communications, and letters to the editor.

Manuscripts are accepted for consideration with the understanding that data, text, figures, photographs, and tables have not appeared in any other publication, except as an abstract submitted and published in conjunction with a presentation by the author(s) at scientific meetings, and that material has been submitted only to this journal.

Investigation on human subjects should conform to the guidelines noted in the World Health Organization Chronicle 1976; 30: 360-362. Researches submitted to the journal should be approved by an ethical committee according to the World Medical Association Declaration of Helsinki 1964 and its last revision. Experimental animal studies need to be carried out according to the principles of laboratory animal researchers. All articles will be critically reviewed by editors and invited referees within 2 months.

Publication are accepted in the following areas:

Editorial Decisions

Decisions made by the editorial board are based on the strength of arguments put forward by our reviewers and the authors as well as other considerations for each individual manuscript. This is the journal’s principal responsibility toward our readership, which is part of the scientific community. Thereby, we can serve our readers by considering the state of each article in relation to the many other articles also under evaluation.

Occasionally different and possibly conflicting recommendations might be provided by the two reviewers on the same paper, based on different experiences of our reviewers in the same field of knowledge. Therefore, the editorial board may have to make a decision based on conflicting advice during the process of unification of the reviewers’ comments and advice.

Double Blind Peer Review

The reviewing process of Sulaimani Dental Journal is a double blind process as neither the reviewers nor the authors are exposed to each other. However, and in rare cases, authors may suggest favored and non-favored reviewers during the process of submission. Nevertheless, the final selection of reviewers is undertaken by the editorial board of Sulaimani Dental Journal.

Our reviewers are not allowed to reveal themselves to the authors. Authors should inform the editor if any reviewer identifies him or herself to the authors.

Peer Review Process

The peer review process serves as a means of assessing the quality of articles prior to their publication, ensuring the high standard of submissions accepted for publishing. Sulaimani Dental Journal considers multiple factors beyond scientific validity and manuscript originality when evaluating articles. Elements such as the level of innovation and the significance of the knowledge presented in the paper in comparison to other accepted articles are also taken into account. This comprehensive approach guarantees the selection of articles that contribute significantly to the field.

The Peer review process starts with the following steps:

1- The first filter is performed by the editorial board and involves checking the submitted article for originality, specialty as some papers can fall into more than one specialty. Furthermore, some papers require modifications or correction according to Sulaimani Dental  Journal guidelines and instructions for authors before the peer review process starts.
2- Then the editor selects two reviewers who are usually experts in the particular field, and often a statistician is consulted about the quality of statistical analysis used in the article. Sometimes, when the editor is not satisfied with the statistical method applied in the submitted article, the editor advises the author to consult a statistician about the statistical methods applied in his/her article.
3- The submitted article receives one of the following decisions from the Journal: accepted submission, the submission will be accepted without revisions. Revision required, the article would be accepted after minor changes. Resubmit for review, the paper requires major work. Declined submission, the paper will not be published with Sulaimani Dental Journal.
4- The corresponding author can appeal via an email to the editorial office if he/she is convinced of the scientific value of his manuscript.

The Sulaimani Dental Journal editorial board provides a quick decision and publication under an affective editorial mechanism that is considered valuable to both our authors and the scientific community. We ask our reviewers to respond with the revision outcome within the number of days agreed. If the reviewer for any reason is expecting an unusual delay in the revision process, we ask them to inform us in order to inform the author about any expected delay and if necessary to change the reviewer. 

After acceptance of proofs:
Sulaimani Dental Journal editors read the reviewers’ comments and suggested corrections and then send the work back as one set of page proofs to the corresponding author via an email. The corresponding author should make the required amendments and return the manuscript to the journal in one submission within two weeks. This will be the final amendment; no major amendments to the manuscript will be accepted afterward. Authors are exclusively responsible for proofreading; hence, if the manuscript requires proofreading, Sulaimani Dent. J. editorial board will send the manuscript to a proofreader and the author will be charged for that.
Conflict of interest and funding:
The journal requires that all authors disclose any potential sources of conflict of interest. Any interest or relationship, financial or otherwise that might be perceived as influencing an author's objectivity is considered a potential source of conflict of interest. These must be disclosed when directly relevant or directly related to the work that the authors describe in their manuscript.
Authors should list all funding sources at submission. Authors are responsible for the accuracy of their funder designation.

All authors are obliged to fill the conflict of interest and funding form.

Open Access Policy

The open access policy of Sulaimani Dental Journal ensures that all published articles are readily accessible to the public, without any barriers or restrictions. As per this policy, all articles within the journal will be made immediately and permanently available for free, allowing everyone to freely read, download, copy, and distribute the content.

Reader rights:
Sulaimani Dental Journal operates as an open-access platform, wherein articles are published in accordance with the guidelines specified by the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International (CC BY-NC-SA 4.0) license. This license enables others to engage in non-commercial activities such as remixing, modifying, and expanding upon the published work, provided that appropriate acknowledgment is given via designated DOI or hyperlink of the publication and any derivative creations are subjected to identical licensing terms. It is important to note, however, that utilization of the article for commercial purposes is strictly prohibited, and any alterations or amendments made to the article render it ineligible for distribution.

Author rights:
Under the license you have the ability to maintain ownership of the copyright while allowing others to engage in non-commercial activities such as remixing, modifying, and expanding upon your work. However, it is essential that proper credit is attributed to you, and any derivative works created must be licensed under the same terms. Please note that commercial usage of the publisher's content is subject to the payment of license fees.

Publication Frequency  

The journal, published by the College of Dentistry at the University of Sulaimani, is released triannually in in April, August, and December. It is made available in both print and online formats, with the online version being released prior to the print edition.

Publication Charge

Sulaimani Dental Journal levies a publication fee of 150,000 IQD for manuscripts that have been accepted for publication. Authors are required to pay the Article Publication fee to bear the expenses associated with the publication process. A partial waiver of 25% is granted to students. In the event that authors are unable to afford the requested fees, they are encouraged to request a waiver. Our objective is to ensure that financial constraints do not impede the distribution of valuable scholarly contributions.